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The White Pages – Wikipedia
The white pages is a fictional blog about the life of one man posted on the website The blog gained a lot of following and contro...
Whitepages – Official Site | Find People, Phone Numbers...
Whitepages The biggest and most trusted database for telephone numbers and people. Look for background information using Smartcheck, and...
The Saga of The White Pages – Reddit
This website has been overrun with theories about mystery of the ‘The White Pages’. After seeing many inquiries from other users about the exact...
the saga of the white pages

This website has been overrun with theories about mystery of the ‘The White Pages’. After seeing many inquiries from other users about the exact timeline, I decided to document the saga. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, ‘The White Pages’ is a fictional blog that was posted about a year ago and gained a large following because it was dark, relatable and intriguingly anonymous. This post will only contain facts and a summary of theories that arose. I will try to be as informative and objective as possible. Any edits or comments are welcome to make this post as accurate as possible, but only with proper sources.

July 08, 2014 — The first chapter of the book is posted on the website

August 01, 2014 — Blogger Rodrick Reviews comes across the website and posts about it. The first wave of followers start to find and read the story.

September 30, 2014 — No one has accurate numbers of the amount of site visitors, but the site started popping up on multiple reddit pages (link, link, link). I first came across it on a random reddit post and this is when I started following it.

Page not found.

It’s been a while since I did any proper reviews (as far as anything I write is proper), but boy, have I got something for you this week. A friend of mine actually recommended this blog to me. It is presented in a fiction/mockumentary style. It’s basically found footage. It was posted a few weeks ago. You know how I love me some good aesthetics, well, this blog has none. It’s just white with black text, very minimalistic. Nothing wrong with that of course, but this is the bare bones. I wasn’t really interested in trying, but since my friend never recommends me anything shit, I gave it a go.

Holy fuck. This is some existential dread. There is literally no information about the author, but the writing is brilliant. I’m absolutely sold. This whole thing feels like some sort of Banksy prank, honestly. Nothing about the author or anything else but plain text. I will attempt to analyse this thing with my last two remaining braincells from staying up all night on Redbull and coffee to write this blog. (Start on time, you say. Leave me alone, I say.) So please share this blog so I can buy more Redbull (or you know, sponsor me Redbull).

Anyway, let’s get on with it. This whole thing seems to be the experience of the main character who is nameless, so far. It begins with his everyday life (which is why I wasn’t a big fan in the first place, shit’s gotta entertain you know? I ain’t sticking around to read about some guy’s boring ass life). Pretty quickly, it grows kind of dark, but the kind of dark that’s relatable you know? Some chapters are really weird, but in the way that you feel stuff. You don’t understand it, but you feel it. And that dark stuff kept going for a while, which sounds boring, but believe me, it isn’t. There is this sort of storyline, hard to describe without spoiling, so just read it (

Totally up for discussion in the comments, but please use the spoiler tag. If you want me to go into more detail about this, let me know. I know this was short. There will be a proper length post on Saturday. I can do it about The White Pages if you want.

Mkbpe 03/08/2014
Comment hidden because it contains spoilers.
Burnbabyburn 02/08/2014
It sounds kind of lame, but I might give it a try. I don’t really read.
Kel0r 02/08/2012
same besides this blog. reading is too much effort dude

October 17, 2014 — This subreddit is created by me. To this point, the site continues to produce short chapters every few days. Some are no longer than 100 words, some are over a 1000 and some barely contain a sentence. Unfortunately there are no extracts as the site was taken down, except for some quotes on Goodreads that you can find here.

Over the next weeks the author posts steadily. Theories start to pop up on reddit about the identity of the author (link, link, link). A lot of comparisons have been made between famous artists and writers. Around this time, the most supported theory is that Banksy and The White Pages are actually the same person (link). Similarly a an opposing group is calling it an anti-government campaign. Some are even talking about the illuminati, although those theories are dismissed by most.

parallellion reblogged nachtvogelfrei

You may have heard about Banksy, the street artist. If you haven’t, let me give you a short recap. Banksy is a graffiti artist and political activist who has been leaving street art all over the world since the 90s. He’s located in the UK and you will probably recognise the black and white style of art that is often pretty satirical. Google him, if you still don’t know what I’m talking about.

Banksy has a history of stepping away from street art and creating other art work (he made a documentary) Now take a look at The White Pages. Do you see where I’m going? The White Pages uses a similar style of dark, satirical humor to comment on the current social climate. It’s already been confirmed that TWP is British because of how he spells and I just mentioned that Banksy is too. If someone can pull of a stunt this big, well, it’s Banksy.

#thewhitepages #banksy
Source: thewh1tepage
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It’s been quiet for two weeks on the blog. I’ve seen a lot of annoyed comments on here from people who are pissed at the creator for stopping his uploads. In all seriousness, I don’t think they just disappeared. This thing is now a worldwide success. What if all the stuff they write is true? What if it’s their actual experience? It’s pretty dark. I think they might be gone. Actually gone. Thoughts?

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I’m just pissed. It’s the same with every fucking creator. They come up with this idea, post for a few weeks, earn status and money and then disappear because they realise they have better shit to do. It’s like commitment doesn’t exist in this age.
People still have actual lives you know? Maybe he wasn’t planning on spending all his time on this. Could have been a side project.
Bullocks. Everyone puts their shit online because they want to become an influencer. I don’t believe in that innocent bullshit.
Is that why you put stuff online then?
Just commenting, don’t try to smartass me.
agree mate, i actually related to this dude and suddenly he disappears? once you start putting shit online you got a responsibility, even if he has gone and killed himself
Comment removed by moderator
I hope they are ok.
ive been checking their pages everyday!!! hope they r going to come back bcs i rlly love the white pages!!! but im sure they r ok and r just pulling a prank xD what was your fav post?? i made a group to discuss on discord, reply if you wanna join!!
He has been taken by the FBI, I’m sure of it. He was attracting far too much attention by his point of disappearing and gained so much followers that he could easily influence people with his content (which he did). The government has been tracking him for a while, especially when the signs became clearer in the way he wrote and the type of wording he used and now they have finally done it. They have gone and tracked him down and he’s probably down in their facilities somewhere being brainwashed so he can help spread the ideals of the illuminati once they are finished with him. There were a lot of hints in his work that suggested that he had knowledge of the underground activities of the government and was going to share his knowledge with the world. They took him just in time. I wrote a large piece on all the signs, you can read it on my blog!!
Sometimes I forget even morons have access to the internet. Thank you for reminding me.
There is evidence for my theory. You could actually read the blog instead of posting some dumb comments.
/r/UnresolvedMysteries is going to have a field day with this
March 11, 2015
Mark Lyon @marklyon

ngl, sounds pretty shady, but i doubt its real, just trying to get this reaction #thewhitepages

Casey Mackwell @caseyrole

Holy fuck, the whole of twitter is acting as if they are detectives or smth lmao #thewhitepages

Earthly Astronaut @earthlyastronaut

This is fucked up. #thewhitepages

Mary Kayleigh @catsnkids_74

Whether this is fiction or not, this is dangerous content with a following that is mostly younger than 18 and therefor influential. @govuk should be looking into this. #protectourkids #thewhitepages

Derek Hasting @wakeupamerica89
Replying to @catsnkids_74

Bitch, how do you even know, there are zero statistics. Internet is a dangerous place. Deal with it.

Mary Kayleigh @catsnkids_74
Replying to @wakeupamerica89

Mind your language. My son and all his friends read this book. It’s not good for his anger issues. He might get ideas.

Derek Hasting @wakeupamerica89
Replying to @catsnkids_74

Sounds like a you problem.

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The White Pages: The mysterious writer remains an enig...
After a month of silence, the internet mystery ‘The White Pages’ reappeared with an unnerving new chapter. The following words have been discussed...
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The banksy-esque artist of The White Pages has caused for a digital manhunt. Thus far, the identity of the author a secret, but last weekend, fans linked...
December 17, 2014
Internet phenomenon The White Pages up for sale for over...
A few years ago we kept you updated daily on the mystery of The White Pages, an internet page that posted strange stories. Now, years later, a book ...
June 2, 2021
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[PDF] The Death of the Internet Author: A Study on Authorship in The White Pages phenomenon.
In 1967 the essay ‘The Death of the Author’ was written by Roland Barthes. Now, in an age of more authors than ever, the question of authorship arises again. In the internet culture of today, how is authorship used, upheld and viewed. The White...
Influencing the Reader: social impact of internet blogs on young readers who are dealing with depression and anxiety.
Over the past years cases of anxiety and depression among young readers have been skyrocketing. Individual blogs or blog websites such as Tumblr, The White Pages and K1ll1ngButterflies have gained a lot of negative commentary. This study...

Two weeks passed without any news and people thought they were gone. Suicide speculations popped up, first ridiculed by most, but slowly they started to get accepted in the community as the truth. And then, they showed up again with the most spoken about post thus far. The White Pages phenomenon. Fancy intro right? I spent two nights on that so please give this a like so you can support my unhealthy working schedule by allowing me to buy even more caffeine than I already need and drink. Welcome back to my channel guys, specifically to this series dedicated to internet conspiracies. This week we’re talking about The White Pages. You might not have heard about it (honestly, where have you been), but it’s this blog that popped online a few months ago. The whole crux is that no one knows whether it’s fiction or non- fiction, creating a lot of intrigue. As you might know, I studied English literature in uni, so I’m pretty well versed on the whole literary criticism, which includes the idea of authorship. For those who aren’t into this stuff, which is probably most of the normal people watching this, the studies around authorship mostly talk about whether the author still influences the text after it’s been pushed into the world. A well-known theory about authorship is ‘the death of the author’ by Roland Barthes. The idea behind this is that readers have to separate the author from what he’s written. Various theories about different opinions on this theme exist, I won’t bore you with them right now, but what is interesting is this whole discussion about The White Pages and the idea of an author behind this. I will purposefully call the author ‘they’, because we do not know who they are. Some people have instantly started calling the author a ‘him’ because they feel that it is a male voice, but for the purpose of this essay I will refer to the author as ‘they’. The first chapter was posted on... skipped to 6:36...posted about by Rod-...skipped to 7:58 ...about how the personality of the author was hidden for a long time. In his essay (I’ll link the entire thing down below), Tomaševskij talks about the idea of writers creating a new life with their text, which is something that started happening in the Romantic period where they author became the hero of his own work. An example he uses is Byron, who became a public figure where people weren’t interested in just his poetry, he was his poetry. I see a similar thing happening with The White Pages where the author could just as well be someone completely different to what they write, but because of the mystery around what they post, people are assuming that they are what they write. As if this is a biography. A lot of focus is on finding out the author and interpreting the text in a way so readers can discover who wrote this. This becomes especially interesting when you look at the last few posts that started becoming a lot more darker than before, revealing some things the author...paused video at 14:43

The White Page Phenomon - Strangest Conspiracies
638.733 views • 16 May 2015

Armchair Detective

Thank you for watching! :)

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Cyan_Ink 5 years ago

Hear me out. I’ve been tracking this blog for a while and I read a lot of other books. A few hours after yesterday’s post I started reading ‘What matters most is how well we walk through fire’ and I think I found a match. The use of prose is very similar. I’m not an expert, but this person likes to use a lot of short sentences that aren’t necessarily grammatically correct but have an impact nonetheless. Yes, yes, I’m aware that Bukowski has been dead for a over a decade, but I’m pretty sure this guy is a fan.

145 11
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February 08, 2015 — The White Pages’ last post before their month long silence.

Theories about their suicide start to pop up (link, link). Discussion about whether it’s fiction or reality grow more heated.

March 11, 2015 — A new post appears on The White Pages. It’s the longest post yet, over 4K. The post suggests the main character harmed someone. Twitter explodes. For the first time, The White Pages is covered on several news sites. The New York Times starts following the story.

March 16, 2016 — The White Pages is taken offline.

Theories keep going, but without the source material and nothing but dead ends, the hype dies down and only a few of us White Pagers remain to this day.

UPDATE! Last night, the author of The White Pages posted a listing on eBay. This isn’t a scam. What used to be a static page with the message “404 ERROR” is now a clickable link.

Edited on 30, May, 2021
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Holy. Hell. Talk about ghosts of the past.
Actual Vietnam flashbacks.

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